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my passion, my business and how I got into it

today I want to tell you about my passion, my business and how I got into it - working with essential oils 💕✨🌱🔮📿🧬⚱️

As you may have noticed, or maybe not, I’ve been successfully running my own online business for 1.5 years now. What I do? Well basically my aim is to inspire people to discover the magic of essential oils and making their use an integral part of their lives… why? Because really there is almost no situation you can’t use an oil for #theresanoilforthat. Apart from that I show you the opportunity of how you can build your own online business by just loving, living and spreading the oily lifestyle.

But now, how did I get into it?

Well, it was my mom… she introduced essential oils to my family over 15 years ago. So basically I didn’t “have a choice” - which honestly was the best choice I never had :D

When I was only 16 years my mom managed to get me a 3 months internship at the headquarters of Young Living in Utah, USA. I was able to look deeply into the company’s work. I helped out in the office, I worked on the farms, planted the seedlings, worked in the labs to test the oils with several chemical and physical tests to ensure purest quality and I even worked in the warehouse. I met the owners and founders of Young Living personally and was touched by their generous hearts as well as their employees generous hearts who let me stay with their families.

After this experience for the rest of my teens, I still couldn’t appreciate essential oils as much as I do now… simply because I was young and my mind was busy with teen stuff I guess :D

But in 2011 when I was 21 I experienced a big shift in my life… and with that shift I suddenly started to really see the magic of essential oils. It wasn’t just good smells. It literally felt like magic. Blends like “highest potential” and “awaken” soon became my best friends and I would use them every single day… all day!

Since then my love for and also my knowledge about using essential oils has grown tremendously. Hence why Markus and I started our @amoha.me oily tribe. Within our tribe we share knowledge and success stories with the oils - we learn from each others experiences and literally enrich each others lives on so many levels.

Alright… I think this was enough of my essential oils love story for today.

I just want to leave this here… if you have been curious about essential oils, want to learn more and understand what this “magic” is really all about… feel absolutely free to shoot me a message.

I am literally so happy talking about oils and sharing my love for them!

Also, if you want to dive deeper and decide to join our team, we have a whole (chat) group of fellow oily lovers - English as well as German speaking - that we are happy to welcome you in.

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