Hello beautiful human, here's a little more about me.

I was born in Austria as a notorious sun and tropics lover, so I spent more than half of my twenties abroad. Over the course of six years I lived in Hawaii, Malaysia and Thailand and traveled many other countries such as Australia, India, around South East Asia and Europe. After six years away I returned to Europe and tried to live a somewhat standard european life. That didn't work out for me - so after almost three years back in my hometown and another trip to India I gave up my apartment to move into a van full-time for a year.

In the process of leaving my "regular" Austrian life behind and figuring out the alternatives I had within Austria/Europe I met Markus, my now husband and father of my baby. We have traveled to Morocco and the Canary Islands over the past winters in our van and also have a homebase in Austria together. 

Our sweet little girl Loumi Saya Joy has joined our life in September 2020

Another one of our "babies" is our beautiful conscious "online" community filled with inspiring and motivated people who want to make a difference in the world. Our main aim is to inspire people to get back to using nature's solutions and creating a fulfilled, financially free life for ourselves and others. We just started building our Amoha oily tribe in June 2019 and have already grown to over 200 people. We learn about the magical power of essential oils and create business and passive income opportunities for anyone who is open for something new and different and has the courage to join us. To learn more about our work visit en.amoha.me.

Because of our gorgeous online community "amoha" and because we wish for our baby girl Loumi to grow up surrounded with mindful people we are now dreaming about creating a community space. A space for us to bring all the beautiful people together and for Loumi to grow up in, guided and surrounded by lots of beautiful and like minded spirits. Nonetheless I am pretty certain that traveling and van life will always be part of our lives too.



3 month internship at Young Living Essential Oils

at headquarters in Utah, USA



life in Hawaii



travels and prolonged stays in Australia, Thailand, Malaysia and Myanmar 


February 2011

Sunshine Massage School Chiang Mai, Thailand

Training and Certification for Nuad Thai Practicioner 


July 2011

Training and Certification for PranaVita Practicioner Österreich


July 2011

diving deeper into the practice of integrating essential oils into my life


falling in love with the endless possibilites of Mother Nature - brought to us in a bottle filled with liquid gold

October 2011 

Sunshine Network, Lahu Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand

Training and Certification for Nuad Thai Practicioner 

October 2011 

Training and Certification for Foot-Reflexology and Foot-Massage, Thailand


February 2012

opening and management of a vegan Superfood-Café in Chiang Mai, Thailand 

(www.theteatreecafe.com; until May 2015) 

intense studying of holistically healthy and alkaline food prep

April 2012

start of my personal Yoga Journey


November 2013

Opening and Management of Space:by the Tea Tree -

a Yoga-Aerial-Dance-Studio

June 2015

first tries in building a network marketing business

with Young Living Essential Oils

March 2016

start of 2 year training for "holistic health coach" 

Akademy of Naturopathy, Stans/Schweiz


February 2018

Training and Certification Yoga Teacher

Rishikul Yogshala in Kerala, Indien 

RYS200hrs YTT Certificate

March 2018 

Certification at Akademy of Naturopathy, Stans/Schweiz

Holistic Health Coach

June 2019

founding AMOHA and a successful concept for building a network marketing business with Young Living Essential Oils

September 2020

having built a beautiful community of over 200 like minded people who are inspired by the power of essential oils and motivated to create a financially free and independent life for themselves

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