hello beautiful, I am so happy that you landed here.

My name is Laura.

I am consciousness having a human experience - some days I am more aware of that than others. I am a life lover and freedom seeker, firm believer in karma and co-creating my reality with my own thoughts and intentions. Too often I doubt myself way too much, I am a little perfectionist and need to have things my way. I wasn't always that happy with my life and went through some pretty dark times. But one day I woke up to the light and knew that I have the ability to make a change, even though it wouldn't always be easy, I knew it was worth it.

In my blog posts I am sharing my thoughts on life and personal experiences around personal & spiritual growth, pregnancy, mom-hood, essential oil lifestyle, travel and much more. 

Everything I talk about here are things and experiences that touch me, move me and are of value to me. Now I am sharing these things and thoughts with you, to leave a little footprint and maybe move you, inspire you or touch you in some way as well. 

You can always leave comments under my blog posts and give me feedback or share them with others if you found it helpful. 

Thank you for being here

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